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“He and his Keepers called it the JK, so if he said he knew something they could quickly clarify if he meant he knew it via his mild psychic ability or by more usual methods. They’d told him this kind of thing was common in his mother’s family like his sharp, white teeth came from his father’s side. Genetic. Inherited. Just weird enough to brand him a freak and an oddball.

So, with the limited information Danny had been given of his family’s history he dared to hope his uncle might have left him something truly bizarre and interesting. A magic monkey’s paw. A trunk full of Atlantean coins. A map leading to pirate treasure. The imagination ran wild with possibilities.”

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Witchbone Book One: The Goblin’s Winter

A spell of arctic weather. A mysterious death. The reading of a will. Strange tracks in the snow.

Danny Hallow, the last known remnant of the Wildwood family, arrives at the crumbling estate of Gnomewood Home. Tumbling into the tangled web of his ancestor’s dark secrets, he finds out that he himself may be one of them. 

To add to his challenges a horde of enigmatic creatures has come out of hiding. Toothy little goblins that are sneaky, vicious and hungry. Goblins that take an interest in Danny.

Will the emergence of dangerous and disturbing traits he’s inherited from his peculiar family tree help Danny survive goblin attacks, attempts to befriend a notorious bully and middle school?

Only if he learns to control them before they put him and everyone around him in danger. Before they convince some people he should never have been allowed to exist. Before he becomes just another twisted tale in his cryptic family history, kept hidden for centuries within the walls of Gnomewood Home.

This is Book One in a paranormal adventure series for readers ten and up. Described as Stranger Things meets the Spiderwick Chronicles, The Goblin’s Winter contains elements of fantasy, science fiction, and horror that readers of all ages will enjoy.



This title is Book One in a series of nine outlined stories. Book Two, The Ghost of Annie Gray, is slated for publication Summer 2019. 


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