Welcome to The Gnomewood Chronicles

  For lovers of Stranger Things and Spiderwick, welcome to Witchbone, the first series in The Gnomewood Chronicles. Eleven year old Danny Hallow accepts his life, such as it is. He has no friends. His parents are gone. His three Keepers are the only people that are in on the secret of Danny's erratic and... Continue Reading →

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The Goblin’s Winter Part One: Gnomewood Home

Events bloody and mysterious bring eleven-year-old Danny Hallow to the town of Eddystone, New Hampshire...     This is Part One in its entirety Get the whole story in paperback or Kindle format @ Amazon Or- Download in PDF Part One: Gnomewood Home It was the coldest February the current residents of Eddystone, New Hampshire could... Continue Reading →

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Idle Summer Sunday

In our house Sundays are all about coffee, pajamas, hobbies, and lots of doing nothing. Sometimes friends drop by- two so far today. Right now there's doodling, writing, and movie watching going on while we all put off dragging our carcasses out to do the weekly shopping at Aldi. We're primarily motivated to pull on... Continue Reading →

Reviews for The Goblin’s Winter

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite~ What would you do if an uncle you never met, or at least you don’t remember meeting him, suddenly died and left you an incredible mansion full of fascinating and mysterious objects, hidden staircases and an abundance of rooms to explore? For eleven-year-old Danzellan Wildwood Hallow (or, as he... Continue Reading →

Random Reading March 2019

My reading style is highly disorganized. I go to my local library every Monday and check out anything that looks good. I read them all at the same time (well, not at the SAME time...I toggle back and forth between them). I finish the ones I like and the ones I don't like end up... Continue Reading →

Short Story- The Factory

“Watch out for Pierre,” I said. “Why?” asked Bonny. I picked up a stick and threw it at the rotten rooster. He “BAKAWED!” and strutted off in the other direction. “Because,” I explained, “he's part fighting cock. You see those big pointy things on the backs of his heels?” “Yeah,” she said. “He uses those... Continue Reading →

I dare anyone to figure out what any of this means, including me. I can still make out enough of this original outline to have written 200+ pages of Witchbone Book Two. Please excuse my horrible sketches. Like my favorite protagonist, I'm not much of an artist.  I doodle compulsively on napkins, notes, day planners... Continue Reading →

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