My highly organized outlining process.

my process

I dare anyone to figure out what any of this means.

Including me, honestly.

I can still make out enough of this original outline to have written 100 pages of Witchbone Book Two. Please excuse my horrible sketches. Like my protagonist, I’m not much of an artist.  I doodle compulsively on napkins, notes, day planners and my hands, the Pope will never ask me to paint the Sistine Chapel.

My outline strategy consists of pre-planning the beginning, middle, and end. The basic story arc, bare bones. I make a list of elements I need to bring in to tell the larger story. Notes that say things like, “Don’t forget the gate,” or something like that. Keywords to nudge my brain into remembering some scene I mentally staged and filled with dialogue and action.

Do you spin stories for a hobby, like me? If you do, what is your outline strategy?

Or do you just jump in, holding your nose, hoping there are no sharp rocks at the bottom?


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